Submission archived regarding first nations Canadian material of great interest in a situation western shore, nova scotia mahone bay. Birch Island.

Mr. Steve Zou, P.Eng.,Ph.D.

Mining Engineer

Dec 1, 2005 To whom it may concern: Re: Mr. Ranville’s discovery of the Oak Island Mystery Last week, Mr. Keith Ranville came to see me in my office and provided a document regarding his discovery of the Oak Island Treasure Mystery. He made a Presentation and explained his Findings.

I found that his interpretation of the inscription carved on the stone discovered in 1803 is very different from others. I believe that his translation has some logic and is reasonable to certain degrees. If his discovery can be proven to be correct, it will have a significant impact on Canada’s heritage on the east coast. Therefore I think that his proposed project is worth consideration for support.

Sincerely Steve Zou, P.Eng.


From: Danny Hennigar
To: keith ranville
Subject: Oak Island Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2006 08:22:11 -0400

Like I promised you, here is my e-mail address and letter of support.

Last evening I looked over the package of documents and drawings you have assembled and have discovered that you have spent a lot of time on this enigma. The energy you have expended to follow your idea is impressive and I greatly respect the tenacity you have shown. The first day I met you, this Fall, I did not really understand the depth of your commitment to this project and have come to realize you are very serious.

I support you and your quest in principle, and hope you are able to find the funding to continue your understanding of the Oak Island mystery. I wish you luck in pursuing a better understanding as you touch base with many Mi’Kmaq elders, reserves, leaders and contacts along the way of your journey here in Nova Scotia. To understand the present, I think one must understand the past.

Kindest regards,

Danny Hennigar
Oak Island Tourism Society


January 19th, 2006
To Whom It May Concern; In the fall of 2005 Mr. Keith Ranville came to visit the Sault Ste. Marie Museum and provided an explanation of his research and his proposed project to the Museum Director / Curator.

On December 29th, 2005 the Museum received a fax from Mr. Ranville asking for a letter of support for his project.

The Management Board of Directors of the Sault Ste. Marie Museum was provided with his information package and his request at the regular meeting of January 19th, 2006.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we support this project in principle as it relates to the history of Canada and look forward to further developments which may result.

Mr. Bruce E. Pearce, President
Management Board of Directors
Sault Ste. Marie Museum SAULT



Bear River First Nation

P.O. BOX 210 PHONE: (902) 467-****
BEAR RIVER (902) 467-****
NOVA SCOTIA FAX: (902) 467-****

October 18, 2005

To whom it may concern:

Please be advised that Keith Ranville has met with the BEAR RIVER FIRST NATION of Nova Scotia and provided a presentation of his proposed research on Oak Island or Mahone Bay. On behalf of the Bear River First Nation, we support this project in principle and look forward to the progress of this endeavor.


Chief Frank Meuse jr.


Oak Island Radio Interviews

The World today With Gord MacDonald CKNW AM 980 Vancouver, Interview about The Oak Island Treasure Mystery

CKBW, 98.1 FM Radio in Nova Scotia Keith’s radio Interview October 15th 2006 on CKBW, 98.1 FM in Nova Scotia. He appeared on South Shore Sunday Morning with host, Sheldon Macleod. To listen to the interview about Oak Island’s buried treasure, click the link below.

Errie Radio Keith Ranville casually chats with his new friends radio jockeys DK & Fizz about Oak Island and it’s Mystery including conversations about theories on the Money pit and it’s connection to the famous Birch Island Triangle. Mp3

XZONE RADIO SHOW– I would like to invite Keith Ranville, to be my guest on, Monday, May 21 2007, 10 pm – 11 pm Eastern to talk about “Oak Island Story.”

Exclusive Oak Island News Articles

LOST TREASURE MAGAZINE Cree Code Breaker Challenges 140-Year Old Cipher

Cree Native translates ancient stone as a treasure map By Angie Zinck- Lunenburg Progress Enterprise – October 18, 2006 WESTERN SHORE- Nova Scotia

NEW READING OF MYSTERIOUS OAK ISLAND INSCRIPTION Theory points to possible connection with nearby Birch Island HALIFAX, Nova Scotia: Wednesday, 11th, 2007

Canadian First Nations

Keith Ranville

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Keith Ranville

Theory gives possible connection with nearby Birch Island

Special Photo Edition

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia: Tuesday March, 22nd  2011 – – For the past two centuries, the tunnels of Nova Scotia’s Oak Island have piqued the imagination of historians and treasure hunters alike. Now, a new theory by First Nations researcher Keith Ranville may add fresh speculation to the mystery. Based on a unique reading of an inscription once found in the “Money Pit,” Mr. Ranville believes that the answer to the riddle may be found on nearby Birch Island.

Oak Island, located on the scenic Mahone Bay about an hour’s drive south of the provincial capital of Halifax, has been associated with buried treasure since the late 18th century. Local settlers reportedly found a ship’s tackle block hanging from a tree branch, overhanging a large depression in the ground.

Early efforts to dig down failed when the diggers encountered layers of timber every 10 feet. In the ensuing generations, several organized excavation attempts have drilled down nearly 200 feet, en route encountering some artifacts within the staggered layers of logs, clay, putty, charcoal, flagstones and most perplexingly, coconut husks.

During the earlier diggings of 1800’s, the tunnel had become flooded by seawater – which many believed was the result booby trap being sprung – thus complicating further digging since then. A drilling effort in the mid 1800’s was said to have uncovered fragments of a gold chain. In 1971, a camera was lowered into the pit and reportedly captured images of wooden chests and human remains.

Image Hosted by

Young Franklin Roosevelt

Among the scores of enthusiastic treasure hunters was a young Franklin Roosevelt, one of the investors in a 1909 excavation attempt.

One of the most fascinating artifacts from the pit was said to be a flat stone recovered at the 90 foot depth, carrying a mysterious inscription. A fragment of stone with similar symbols was found nearby in Smith’s Cove in the 1930’s. The stone tablet itself has gone missing, but a record of its symbols remains. Until now, the consensus is that the symbols are a code translated as; “forty feet below two million pounds are buried.”

Oak Island Money pit inscriptions

However, Keith Ranville’s theory offers a different interpretation as to the stone’s symbols, which could lead to a new explanation of the Oak Island mystery. “I believe these symbols have been incorrectly assumed to stand for something else. In the First Nations tradition that I’m a part of, we believe symbols should simply be looked at in and of themselves, rather than thinking of them as codes that have to be cracked,” Mr. Ranville explained. “In the pictograms of Cree Salavics, for example, the images are meant to be descriptive, not abstract.” Using this approach, Mr. Ranville examined the Oak Island symbols and found what may be a set of instructions about a tunnel system involving both Oak Island and nearby Birch Island.

Keith Ranville’s Translations

For example, the stone inscription begins with a triangle symbol, which is repeated throughout. Mr. Ranville believes that this represents nearby Birch Island, which has a distinctly triangular clearing on its north shore. Likewise, a symbol showing a circle divided into two hemispheres can be thought of as representing north/south directional markers. A series of dots in singles, pairs and triplets may be quantitative symbols.

Examining all the symbols in this way, Mr. Ranville believes that the symbols on the Money Pit’s stone tablet are actually technical instructions describing the location and layout of a possible underground network involving both Oak Island and Birch Island. Oak Island inscribed artifact with the same inscriptions as the money pit symbol’s

“There was a fragment of another stone tablet that was found on Oak Island’s Smith Cove in the 1930’s,” Mr. Ranville explained. “It too has these types of symbols, but one in particular appears to be a Greek symbol designating ‘underwater door’. In conjunction with the other symbols, I believe this points to underwater doors and additional shafts on Birch Island itself.”
Oak Island/Smiths Cove

Smith’s Cove is on the part of Oak Island that is closest to Birch Island, and is said to have yielded several artifacts itself over the years.

“Based on the inscribed symbols, I think we should be looking at Oak Island and Birch Island together in order to solve the mystery. If Birch Island proves to have underwater doors and tunnels around its triangular clearing, then it would be a huge step forward in our understanding of what Oak Island is all about.”

There have been many, occasionally bizarre, theories as to what the Oak Island tunnels may contain: a Masonic vault containing the Holy Grail, Viking or Pirate booty, Inca treasure, the French Royal Crown Jewels, payroll for colonial British soldiers or even the secret writings of Francis Bacon. Mr. Ranville prefers not to speculate. “Those are interesting and sometimes funny theories, but I’d rather just look at the evidence that we do have, and go from there.”

A oak Island etching of a Pirate monk & Dog discovered by Keith Ranville

I not only ciphered symbols I brought out images from out of in stone? In relation to the oak island mystery. I am still in the midst of solving this mystery these images play a key role in solving this mystery my goal is to solve this mystery and be on my way.

Please enjoy my work I am working hard to bring forward my work to the world to view at my own expense and time.

Mr. Ranville is a self-taught researcher born in Manitoba. While living in Vancouver, he became acquainted with the Oak Island mystery and began studying it.

Both Oak Island and Birch Island are private property, and access must be sought by permission of the landowners.

# # #

Keith Ranville

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#SunGod Lives in hearts & Minds Daily

#SunGod is much mightier than any man made religion the sun has been worshiped for eons of civilizations before us why-change now?  #OakIsland News

I believe the sun is much more than a ball of gases that shows up daily it gives us life and to all that we depend on to keep us alive.

Cree First Nations Shaman,

Keith Ranville

1890 Banned Ghost Dance Dakota Pipeline Threat!

1890 U.S Government banned the American Native ritual Ghost dance, a dakota pipeline has inspired a to be grand ceremony revival that could attract millions perhaps billions of people’s attention worldwide at once from this sos spiritual native gathering. #OakIsland News

A ghost dance movement to this u.s dakota pipeline may just be a jennie that won’t be able to be put back in the bottle for america and at this point in time of a already negative election political crisis what more bad publicity can the u.s government ask for a opposing oil confrontation in there own backyard.

Note to; Dakota pipeline protester, native leaders alike build, organize a grand ghost dance pow-wow like gathering and then they will come in groves.

Cree First Nations Shaman

Keith Ranville

BC Transit Translink Skytrains Noise Cancellation Idea?

Is it possible for translink skytrains to be a more quieter & enjoyable commute technology suggests so noise cancellation devices [#OakIsland News]

installed in each skytrain it may solve the already uncomfortable noisy skytrain ride especially in through the skytrain tunnels.

I believe that the translink skytrain ride can be a quieter ride by using today’s technology like maybe translink  can try to install sound cancellation devices to there skytrains.


Keith Ranville

BCLDB Signature Liquor Stores Cold Zone My Idea!

B.C Government Liquor Distribution Stores are housing there establishments with cold zone fridges its my idea august 1st 2009 I sent #BCLDB a proposal #OakIsland News

I think I Keith Ranville deserves some sort of credit for b.c signature liquors stores having cold beer in there stores.

Well here’s my proposal letter I sent to bcldb about 7 years ago august 1st 2009 the letter proposal is in the following..


August 1, 2009


Greetings Senior Store Manager

My name is Mr. Keith Ranville I was in visit to your New Westminster Liquor store establishment saturday afternoon and I had a idea that may influence marketing in the “Green” sector campaign that’s in b.c liquor stores? This idea may be good for you (liquor stores).

Here is my innovating Idea; when I entered your establishment I notice the air-conditioning was on high, don’t get me wrong I was relieved from the outside hot weather. But the cost of running air-conditioning is quite expensive my “green” pitch is not to save on air-conditioning but to apply a second use application to it? Like running the air-conditioning through a beverage wall fridge then venting the wall fridge air throughout the liquor store as a cooling system. This idea is more practicably that would comfort the customer and increase beverage sales and still cool the environment in your liquor store branch(s).

Please forward my idea to who markets the B.C Liquor Stores, also please give me a response to this letter of a marketing idea regardless of any decision made in this potential inspiring procurement. (Note) this idea is not only directed to liquor stores.



Keith Ranville, 

Jupiter Aurora Much Larger Than Earth’s!

Auroras on Jupiters pole the sun is emitting more energy than what I even expected an earth dwarfs Jupiter by hundreds of times. #OakIsland News

earths atmosphere is obviously protecting our aurora from going awry like jupiters zinging aurora.. jupiter must of gotten a direct hit from a sun solar flare its all that I can say.. a one that could of wreaked havoc on earth if earth got hit by one.

First Nations

Keith Ranville


No Natives please Kijiji Ad

Kijiji recently pulled a racy apartment rental ad in prince albert sask. canada “3 bedroom east flat house, no natives please.” I’m offended to this kind of ignorance’s but as a first nations native man I am not surprised to hear this kind of racism news either.  I myself get followed around by government liquor stores or other stores by there security guard employees quiet frequently cause I’m aboriginal of course but as a smarty pants clever native myself I let them follow me around cause what they don’t know is that the real boosters are white people and they use natives as decoys for them to shoplift the stores goods. News Canada

Also I am highly perceptive that’s why that “I am in the amazing business” as a native treasure hunter.

APTN News; Related Story

Speaking of following me you can always be welcome to follow me on twitter and facebook or bookmark me blog…

BTW, whoever heard of a native treasure hunter, anyone?

Cree Code Breaker, First Nations

Keith Ranville


Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Black Man in Office 2016

1985 would you think U.S politics would be like a woman and a insulting archie bunker like bigot character running for office and a black man already president “Back to the future” movie scenarios this Hillary clinton donald trump political circus well kind of anyways lol.

when doc asks mcfly in the 1950s who is the u.s president in 1985 mcfly reply’s ronald reagan is president.. doc replies; ha then who’s the vice president jerry lewis! ..

First Nations  Thoughts

Keith Ranville



Oak Island Treasure Knowledge Code


What is afraid to tell you about all oak island treasure hunters is the key to solving the oak island money pit is a haunting skullstone. #OakIsland News


Here’s what I know is that a well publicized photo that was issued in a book called oak island secrets which was authored by mark finnan is he a freeemason? perhaps! well he refers to freemasonary symbolism’s in his narrations in his book oak island secrets. Now in the book called “Oak Island Secrets” I referred, the photo [above] as in the book was a stone with plain dagger markings on it  lying plush to the ground as described in his book,

but however over night while I was in nova scotia 2005 doing a in-depth study on the oak island treasure mystery. Guess what that photo and its image illustrated in that book changed  over night even the grass that surrounded it shipshaped because I traced that stones dagger markings ect with a pencil the evening before and they did not align in the morning .I investigated the matter further and this oak island code became more relevant to me the intriguing bread crumbs began again.

There is something about that n.s treasure island and area that can alter time and dimensions only I can retrieve the money pit treasure.

First Nations Leading Oak Island Treasure Hunter.

Keith Ranville


There Goes the Neighbourhood Vancouver Map

Racy Vancouver lower-mainland map thrown online turns heads in different directions ‘what some people think but don’t say’. #OakIsland News

Real map of Vancouver

VancityBuzz photo above

I myself renamed Vancouver’s stanley park to seahorse park since no nick name was given for it..

First Nations

Keith Ranville

Saskatchewan Shanghai to Vancouver B.C

Young homeless men get shanghaied to Vancouver British Columbia from North Battleford Saskatchewan like refugees.


Media talk to Jeremy Roy and Charles Neil Curly, two homeless men from Saskatchewan outside the Vancouver railway station and bus depot Wednesday, March 9, 2016. They were taken in in Vancouver by the Union Gospel Mission, which runs programs and a shelter for homeless people on the Downtown Eastside.


21-year-old Jeremy Roy and 23-year-old Charles Neil Curly of N. Battleford took a greyhound bus to get out of dodge tickets were compliments of the Saskatchewan government.

.  First Nations News