First Nations Continuing Studies

Theory of all oak island theories, this new triangle discovery itself gravitates a defined new direction, in resolving Nova Scotia’s most perplexing mystery. Birch island is a connection to the famous oak island, that debuted in the media as recently as 2005, oak island has never received this much publicity from a single theory before, that I read of.

I, First Nation, Keith Ranville of Vancouver B.C, uniquely caught the attention of the world wide media, this new surge of oak island publicity, boosted the mystery’s attention by a large margin, something the oak island mystery could of never imagine to of have happened. My goal is to exceed my own expectations and eventually solve this complex treasure mystery.

In 1804 the oak island money pit procured a controversial piece of evidence, the infamous oak island etched treasure stone, it was found deep in layers of the money pit . This odd strange stone with directional markings, has bolstered conversations around the world over the years, that concern’s its authenticy and it’s meaning. My new triangle theory symbol translations has fortunately added to the controversy, by re-telling the true meaning of the mysterious money pit stone, other than it’s alternate original reading, my new reading of the money pit stone, redirected the course of the treasure hunt, off island,towards a new sequel to this treasure mystery.

My new interpretation of the money pit stone, reads about the specifics about a triangle, this would be a new cipher and again controversial, but other triangle clues reinforced the reading of the money pit stone. I also mentioned this well documented oak island triangle stone formation through out my investigation, as another clue, the triangle stones formation was reportedly found south of the money pit, on oak island, a second triangle clue.

The ultimate and last oak island triangle clue, would have to be the answer to the treasure mystery itself, this would be the birch island triangle. This birch island, I discovered is located in Mahone bay, east of oak island. Birch island, is described to have a defined triangle on it’s landscape, two sides inland based, one side beach front. From ground view the birch island triangle is somewhat camouflaged, aerial view, is the best way to get a birds eye view of the mysterious triangle. When I look at the birch island triangle and how defined it is, there was no way, I could ever believe it could be natural, but more like’ made by man.

As I been investigating other mysteries, I notice investigations are far more complex and exploration investigations go on, for far less clues, as the clues I put forward? My research is independent, the birch island triangle is a totally different investigation and pretty well separate from oak island and a new fresh start for this treasure mystery, also birch islands research history begins with my theory. So my investigations are now about concentrating on the birch island triangle along with the continuation of my ongoing First Nations studies.

Keith Ranville

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