Premonitions, psychics, reading the oak island mystery using unorthodox methods to uncover the mystifying lost treasure of Mahone bay N.S, the mind is as vast as th universe both are not fully understood yet. Ciphering the oak island mystery is a challenge, possibly it has much to do with the mysterious mechanism of the human mind. Reading oak island on a intuitive level has being done more than once, I find psychic mediums and there personal oak island interpretations are somewhat vague and seem like, perhaps guess work.

Many oak island intuitive psychic’s already have an idea about the history on theoretic attemps on solving the oak island mystery? With all this oak island information available, I have never heard about a psychic that assessed oak island and came forward with some concrete information, concerning on ongoing research. I myself don’t claim to be psychic, but guess work using logic comes in handy, while treasure hunting.

Inquisitive intelligence can be labeled intuitive, if you want to pull idea’s out of the air? Divine intervention would be best called eureka, if you were to make a astonishing discovery. An idea regressed from a past beyond your own, may have some light to it. What I am saying your energy that engulfs you doesn’t just go away, at the end of your time, it continues and may resurface in the future. Many cultures believe in past lives, children are often evidence from this phenomena, there are some well documented cases on these past- present self mortal alternate lives.

Keeping a mind open, is something to consider while investigating mysterious places, dreams, visions are tools, one would use to understand things that don’t quite make much sense. Edgar Cayce the sleeping prophet had dream like abilities, but I can’t see myself in some sort of trance, giving some specific information, a good nights sleep does the trick for me.

Worlds in worlds is there such a thing? I see the dream world as another world, travel is limitless thoughts are infinitive. Building a bridge from the one world to another, then connecting a third alternate world, is a link that just maybe encoded in all of us. The blueprint to these worlds, may answer why kings, pharaohs from the ancient world, believe so passionately about the after life.

Oak Island may be unsolved’ still, but there hasn’t been a theory so intelligent as mine, and yet it’s the most controversial enigmatic mystery, next to the Da Vinci code. Oak Island Birch Island triangle theory and the Da Vinci code are so similar, they both are capable of changing the history of a dynasty, that has a lot to lose if the truth was to be known?

In light of Google’s bloggers unsavory internet personal attacks in the oak island community, I will be periodically closing  bloggers blog and oak island treasure news blog, in protest of mean spiritless attacks perpetrated by towards oak island researchers and other oak island website owners. Sorry for any inconvenience to the people that are interested in my First Nations research, but scruples come before displaying treasure research work.


First Nations

Keith Ranville


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