What’ are crop circles, I have a different twist in theory’ in what created them! I feel the geometric patterns are made from the earth itself? The earth is reaching out to us, in mysterious messages. Mother earth is a name that its formally called’ by earthlings, There is a energy force deep in the earth and I believe its a entity of some kind? Same with the sun, this is why many ancient cultures praised the sun, as a god.

I myself felt throughout my oak island investigations, that there is mystical anomalies hidden in this planet of ours. This belief has led me to believe, that the earth is trying to communicate with us, in certain dialects of geometry, this is the only way the earth can communicate. I think the earth paradox, is a living thinking energy, and is playful in a sense, this earthly energy is what is making these crop circles, and the many animal like land formation.

I strongly believe the sun is more than a ball of gases, it to, is a another energy that governs us, more than just putting food on our table. The mayan made ancient human sacrifices to the sun and built large temples to do such sacrifices in meaning of the sun, and for other spiritual reasons. The ancient egyptians praised the sun in a similar sort in the same manner of the mayan, thus, built similar ancient structures geometrically, that baffle archaeologist/scholars to this day.

I believe these earth signs I mentioned, like these mysterious crop circles and strange land formations is about the coming of a change to be. Global warming isn’t a factor in this change, I believe the earth was just as warm, if not warmer in the prehistoric days. I also believe the earths moving ball of energy deep below, is going to be effected by a solar event, similar to like gears skipping to fast on a bicycle, to the chain falling off, while peddling. This is all theoretic, but the geometric triangle theory in this oak island mystery, does have something to do with our planets future?

Keith Ranville

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