The flying saucers that are reported around the world in formation or in single sightings, the ufo alien conspiracies are big business since no alien extraterrestrial beings or ufo craft has ever been recovered by ufologists and mystery hunters. This is where the conspiracies begins, mystery inquirers look to the top educated alien encounter scientist for answers. Its to bad they only have speculations and theories to go on?

Another theory of mine is the alien life forms are running our government in the behind the scenes of the central intelligences agencies of the u.s government and this goes for many other governments agencies around the world. This is a government theory that dates back to the time of the ancient egyptians, the theory is why animal heads were for to obscure the faces of the the ancient egyptians, most likely was because they were actually alien figures. Disguised as animals so the extraterrestrial ancient alien beings could not of been identified.

Many polls in todays societies; if the the people around the world actually trust there government to actually be truthful with them. I myself have no qualms about the government’ but just the fact I don’t know who runs it. I believe the templars are behind the american government, the american government was established because of they wanted to be separated from old world king and country. Who more wanted to be separated from the royal greedy lying corrupted kings of europe than the templars. King Philip IV (the fair) of france made a personal attack on the templars and burnt many of the hi ranking templars to the stake, with the popes permission. I believe the final battle ground of the templars was for the independence united states from corrupt kings, from the old world king country hideous shameful shenanigans.

The fall of the american economy are we experiencing a eternally battle in the united states government? World markets are plummeting with melt downs in the employment area, top companies world wide are laying off workers in the thousands. This seems like a ripple effect that economist were predicting in the past. The world is the largest civilization to have ever happened, and perhaps the last civilization. Soon maybe a guillotine will asked for for the heads of the u.s financial market , like the over throw of king louis XVI and queen marie antoinette and the there corrupted government officials that were politically put to death. Can a revolution ever take place like that, well if you get enough people that are far enough into despair financially and morally, it could happen, it did before.

The planet is in crisis with pollution in our air, animal wildlife, water, climates, and we’re entering financial ruin. Are we at a verge of a apocalypse, perhaps maybe we are heading into the gloomy last days. It sure looks like it if you analyze the problematic symptoms of the world. The new president of united states Barack Obama is bombarded with enormous tasks to over come this ailing world economy by using a stimulus patch to put america on its feet, but with republicans as a stone in the shoe of american politics we may never see a recovery in the american economy along with other american crisis.


Treasure Hunter
Keith Ranville




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