Much of oak islands history is distorted there is many interpretations on the famous treasure hunt? Stories of legend & lore connected to oak island. But not to much on real life events oh’ sure there are many somewhat eventful stories that may or may not be true. But a lot about oak island you have to take someones word on what is genuine. The mystery itself has tale incorporated into it, somewhat. This could be due to no real documents were found stating oak island events were real.

Most past treasure hunting companies that dealt with any oak island excavations did no written accounts on there explorations. I found this very odd. Danny McGinnis group, onslow company, turo treasure co. Shortly after these oak island treasure exploration companies oak island became somewhat more documented. The restall family are someones I can identify with they were in the entertainment business and sold the farm to investigate the oak island mystery. Dan blankenship of oak island and david tobias a past partner of dan made some oak island exploration attempts, but made no significant public findings. They later separated in disagreements and severed there long lasting oak island friendship. Dan blankenship later merged with the michigan group a band of investors that gave oak island a trial exploration on dan blankenships oak island lots. Fred noland the most intriguing treasure hunter that has part ownership of oak island; his part of oak island lots has some interesting values to the oak island mystery. That I investigated with promising results.

Oak Islands past does have a rich history much of it is lost or never was. Many oak island books relies on handed down conjecture stories or stories upon stories. This is what I don’t understand about oak island authors why can’t they be more original with new updated discoveries of there own or about someone making new findings in this oak island mystery. Sure there are websites that have the latest news on oak island and host new oak island research, like mine. Oak island books fail to recognize intelligent inspiring new research in relation to oak island. If you were to go through my oak island research and then read one of these oak island books, my native research studies is far grander with adventure and translation exploration. The birch island triangle is probably the most extraordinary discovery of the history of the oak island treasure hunt. Oak islands money pit is very much nostalgia and there will always be a fascinating obsession with the curiosity of this famous oak island money pit.

10-20 or a hundred years from now people are going to wonder what was it like in early 2000’s who was making advancement in the oak island mystery. Just as we are wondering what was it like in 1795+ years with the Danny McGuinnis treasure hunting crowd. I am pretty sure it was just as obsessive as it is now. Hopefully many future treasure hunters will read my oak island adventure it’ll be a big part of oak island history; providing it doesn’t get erased by obsessive characters. My research offers a full spectrum of oak island treasure hunting. Theories, spiritualism, personal investigative accounts and of my life as a treasure hunter, and much more. Acquaint yourself with my oak island native research its a journey everyone should be on while touring the oak island mystery.


Cree First Nations Treasure Hunter
Keith Ranville,


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