Native research descibes aloe in the rosslyn’s chapel is very well blue agave, blue agave comomly used as a south american cerimomial mind altering plant used by the ancient mesomayans for spiritual ritual ceremonies. The agave plant can flower up to 30 feet long leaves to 4 meters in length. This is what I believe the ancient mayans used the blue agave plant as a large head dress for there tops of ancient temples as described in my discovery of mayan temples in the roslyn chapel. This is where people would get confused why would little aloe plants be propped on a large mayan temple. This would be because it wasn’t aloe, it was blue agave native to mexico and its better grown in high altitudes above 1500 meters. And used a medicinal plant combined with other mind altering plant serums, but is famously known for making the tonic tequila.

Treasure News: Could the Da Vinci code continue too the Mayan civilization, the Rosslyn chapel gives plausible clues of a Mayan Temple connection. One of the clues that mystifies me is the depiction of corn and aloe beneath the Corn a Maya ruin in the Rosslyn chapel

The mayan temple described in the roslyn temple, that I discovered recently in the roslyn chapel, proves the sinclairs had adventured to south america long before any other europeans ever came to the america’s, like for one’ none other than christopher columbus. So in reality, the builders of the roslyn temple actually witnessed a ancient mayan temple ceremony and of a mayan temple head dressed for celebration and recorded it in the roslyn sinclair chapel. Descriptively as a temple with stairs, large wide railings and a large head dress of plenty of agave plant stalks, that are native to the mesomayans, and is similar to there rituals and to there ceremonies. There is plenty to understand about the european culture and the first nations people just when did we interact is ther a another time line. We can learn from?   


Oak Island Cree First Nations Researcher

Keith Ranville

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