In all my time my tourism in nova scotia nothing is worse than been badly assaulted by the oak island society for this first nations man. They stole the oak island innocence and my first nations beliefs through illicit perversions and demeanors. Its been a long hard road being a native first nations treasure hunter. Oak island is not all that its cracked up to be! There is a lot of crazy perversion going on with oak island with old white guys going around and perverting oak island and my first nations background. My late mother was a victim of this native residential school corruption by repeated seductions by catholic perverted priests trying to kill our native heritage and more and it later affected my kin. And many friends of mine that later led to alcoholism, drug abuse and even suicide in the most extreme cases .

This oak island tourism society perversion racism has not only affected me and my first nations cree background it affects all first nations people through out canada, we were miss treated beneath the unfair inglish crown and then given imposed religous/old world laws that were brought upon us! Never the less this oak island tourism society computer hacking nonsense is the least of the laws they infringed on and manipulated. They stole my oak island research away from me through internet terrorism and illegal email/computer tampering.

This treasure mystery I got involved in, in 2005, turned out to be the worst thing anyone could get themselves involved in I have many regrets in this whole oak island b.s. Its nothing but perverts running around with hacking abilities shunning anyone that is of different culture. I am a researcher and I have the top investigating oak island treasure site. That is famous world wide and I am putting out a "sos" to many of my readers that I been under attack by this sick pathetic oak island tourism society terrorist and combined freaks that are the real bad element of oak island.

The treasure mystery began with me from me deciphering some elaborate treasure codes then it branched out to discovering a obscure treasure triangle on a secluded island due east of oak islands famous money pit on the island called birch Island. The new treasure island!
That I Discovered,


Cree First Nations TreasureHunter

Keith Ranville,


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