Many of my contributions to this oak island treasure mystery I often wonder is it all worth it? The growth of fame I added does seem effortless. This is further from the truth, there is a lot of hurdles that I encountered everywhere from being sabotaged to being greatly admired and praised. We often wonder is this the price of fame to be paid to be any kind of icon in this so contagious treasure mystery.

Is it any wonder why I am so well read in this oak island mystery. Its because I am ever so much different than any treasure hunter in recent history. The oak island mystery has its draw backs with seductive characters ploying bad energy into the mystery itself. Sadly this makes it impossible for the oak island theme to grow to better heights. The oak Island frenzy began with the internet insult revenge search engine mudslinging. That ultimately led to criminal internet illegal behavior. That I fell victim to.

We honestly don’t know where this oak island thing will take us but it does not look to bright as of now. I may have became the most fascinating treasure hunter this treasure hunt has ever seen. And probably we will never ever see some deciphering talent like mine again. I remember as a child in elementary school before the internet was invented’ this sort of same internet hate scandal scenario took place in the school yard. I don’t want to get into specifics about it, but, as everyone grew up and got a life, we had a humble laugh and still joke about it to this day as adults.

Today a Mik’Maq prominent elder contacted me and told me there was some hateful people on the internet just talking garbage about anything to do with hate. And he wanted it stopped or something done about it. I told him with by my experience in this matter with people like this is you should just ignore them. I said hateful resentful people are usually manipulative. And feed off your defensive responses from your good nature. Some advice from myself I should of taken.

Its like you don’t know what you are going to wake up to while you are knee deep into this oak island monetary pit. The obsessions just runs like weird unheard of strange behavior. If you haven’t had a tight feeling in your chest while roaming oak island then you haven’t experienced its inner crap. What this means everyone wants in on this new found fame of oak island that has recieved loads of attention through my first nations native research/studies and it seems some people will do anything in desperation to involve themselves in what I started. And this pervertion or craziness it seems to follow me everywhere I seem to go’ in this treasure mystery, like a curse. I feel like the pied piper and I got the good the bad and the ugly following me. And I welcome the good by all means. Do follow if you are one of the good guys!

Cree First Nations Treasure Hunter
Keith Ranville,


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