Mayan 2012 Mayan Calendar Prophecies

hysteria is the first thing that comes to mind 2012, ease your fears
and tensions no destruction will happen in this year, unless we create
it. This solar system planetary alignment has happened before, whether
something earthly destructive happened way back then eons ago during
the last solar system planet alignment and the earth is still here,
with us knowing this; we can only speculate if it happened before and
the earth is still rotating like clockwork, we then must assume that
our earth will pull through this next planetary solar alignment.

prophet’s play on the minds of intuitive people, just about everyone
would like to think there is something to prophecies, including me.
Nostradamus quatrains was made famous for predicting the death of king
henry II of france,
this is a prophecy that I could give him credit for. But, to take
Nostradamus’s vague wording and applying the self proclaim prophets
predictions to our time about five hundreds years later, this seems
unrealistic considering that much of Nostradamus’s bizarre scriptures
can interpretate just about any future event vaguely.

Mayan calendar is something extraordinary from the ancient world, it
has an accuracy up to the date to 2012 12 21, many believe the world
will end at this date. Even thou there is no evidence that explains the
end of days on the mayan calendar. Ancient meso mayans ritually
celebrated these solar events; they were the true masters of
understanding the stars in the universe. If the mayan empire was still
around, the 2012 planetary alignment would be a day of sacrifices and
rituals, most likely more celebratory than the lunar eclipses and
equinox days.

fear that 2012 12 21, is the end; is like old world fear mongering that
if you sail too far into the sea you will fall off the earth. In native
cultures, everything continues, life, earth, the universe; everything
is continuous through all changes of everything in nature, like the
figure 8.

world wars, you don’t need to be psychic to know if another one will
happen? Man has been in battles since the cave man days, it’s just in
our nature to conquer one another. We can logically believe any next
world war, there will be no winners just losers, if there is any
casualties left over after any next world war.

2012 planetary alignment event would be equivalent to celebrating all
your past birthdays and festive holidays in one glorious day, this is a
very rare event for us to be witness to; this event would make us the
most unique beins for some time to come. Many ancients from the ancient
world, would have of oracley felt so blessed to be apart of this 2012
12 21, planetary aligning event, that’s impending on us.

Oracles from my soul,

First Nations Oak Island Treasure Hunter

Keith Ranville,

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