Vancouver-British Columbia, an airplane crash
in the downtown area is it possible, it was shown to me in a vision 2005, this
may sound crazy, but, it isn’t to me and what I experienced back in the semi
mid summer of 2005, in a vision rather a dream makes this prediction more prevalent
to be forth coming in time.


This is a stand; I feel I must take, as a prevention measure
in order to intervene in any such terrifying event that may take place. Time will
tell, as I saw into the future through a window in time, as a possible scenario or
a dimension avenue that we may go about, thus not, then we may experience a


This intervention of this predictive vision may have consequences
and upset the balance of time in this dimension and cause a greater tragedy I
would call this; “the vancouver
experience” I could of just said nothing and waited for this event to take
place. This letter of acknowledgment will redeem to why I haven’t said
anything, therefore, what I believe and what I saw is believed to be real to me
from my insight-out of sight vision of an event that may change a future, that maybe
diverted in a course of directions unknown to us from this reality.   


Never the less through my experiences in visions, dreams,
and spiritual insights give me belief that there is other worlds in other dimensions;
the dream world that we all visit regularly would be one world of others. There
are so many factors why I believe this prediction/vision of an airplane crash will
happen in the Vancouver
area in time. If I am wrong then I did the right thing, by raising awareness.


Mayan culture envisioned what I seen I know what they were
seeing in there mass ceremonies that resulted in grand visions. I hold the
secrets to this ability I need not to prove myself any further?

Native Oracle Prediction,

First Nations Oak Island Treasure Hunter

Keith Ranville,

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