acknowledgment; much documented past treasure hunters were rarely
remembered or written about by authors & media-alike, many of the
previous treasure hunters in regards of the oak island mystery were
most likely have been disregarded or even unheard out’ to what was
there personal take on the famous oak island money pit. Exploring oak
island in literature’ your only reading probably a small portion of oak
islands past when it comes to the majority of treasure hunters that had
come and gone without them even been acknowledged.

think those days are over to not being able to display your research
with the internet available, there is now equal opportunity to disclose
your research how ever you would like to and without being shunned by
whom-ever feels fit that thinks you should be unheard, sadly this
obscure behavior exists by a few I can only assume this ignorance has
been going on for some time. This is a new generation for oak island,
my struggle through this treasure mystery is a path I made for many
treasure hunters after me that hopefully will achieve discoveries and
adventure as I did.

remember watching “The longest yard” staring burt reynolds; it was the
scene I liked when burt reynolds was about to throw the football game
for the warden or he will spend the rest of his life in jail, after
burt was sidelined on the bench after throwing half the game, while
burt was getting his leg attended too, by some old fella that was in
jail most of his life for punching the warden, burt glanced at him and
he then asked the old guy while he was wrapping burt’s leg, was it
worth it’ for punching the warden, the once young man said “yes’ for me
it was” burt then got up and got back in the game and later won.

someone ever asks me was this oak island journey worth it in spite of
all the time and trouble I endured and no reward. I’ll have to say “for
me it was” and then continue back in the treasure hunt I will always
know the logic in my quest will always be remembered in anyone’s
personal longest yard, including me as I look back at my skilled cree
code breaking achievements.

First Nations Oak Island Treasure Hunter

Keith Ranville,




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