The solution to the oak island mystery is maybe the # 3 after all 3
set of clues gave answer to this 200+ year-old treasure mystery. We
must remember oak island popularity has been dormant for many years,
until the mother of theories imploded all oak island money pit existing
theories. You might genuinely think what about the money pit? Why
wasn’t the money pit excavated properly I would called this reason the
money pit wasn’t professionally excavated is because it was already
compromised by shanty excavators in the past; meaning the usage of
dynamite, heavy machinery, and drilling-digging to ridiculous depths

You have to ask yourself what was found in the money pit
in the past’ is the evidence even accurate you must remember we’re
going on treasure hunters that were obviously blinded by the thought of
treasure. What could have created the money pit originally could it may
been a sink hole the logs at intervals in depths may have been caused
by weather storm patterns that nova scotia faces periodically causing
the oak island treasure pit to fill with broken tree debris and muddy
clay like dirt over time, with this happening every ten years or so
would give you maybe of logs every ten feet or so? other foreign debris
found below these logs was more than likely left overs from the many
digs after 1795′ how better to do a clean up after a excavation than to
simply toss your garbage down a garbage chute you dug? after some time
of consuming digging efforts? I think the money pit diagrams are
somewhat exaggerated to finance excavations.

What geologist
do they use core samples to determine events, even botanists examine
rings on trees to know when the weather was at its worst over time
there is always usually a pattern. This oak island money pit had a
perhaps a weather pattern to its cause, but we may never know because
the oak island pit was contaminated with constant recklessness digging

As for all this coconut husk found in the drainage
water-way of oak island and its pit, yes it may have been brought 1000+
miles from the tropics, but maybe not from the ocean currents as
suspected? The coconut husk is probably from the many ship wrecks
coming from the south, so with in theory you can track one of these
ship wrecks through weather patterns you may do so if one could figure
out the depths to where this coconut was mostly found in the money pit’
this would be around the time these ship floundered in the storm(s).
The money pit maybe is no more than a core sample of its weather
history as for the rope and pulley hanging over it’ that was attached
to a tree someone may have fell in the pit prior to 1795 in the past
and a rescue attempt was made using rope gear?

As for the money
pit famous flat stone its depth found in the money maybe was a weather
date when it was put there? when the oak island oak island weather pit
hole was first started to what was on it is anyone’s belief.

is why the surface of oak island is where to look for the treasure if
there is treasure you would have to follow these triangle clues they
are real. The oak island stone triangle, the birch island triangle its
where people should be focusing I added logical structure to the oak
island mystery there is no further to go when it comes to oak island
once you get to this blog that’s known world wide for its update news
updated regularity that you wont get anywhere else.

Latest Updated Research Discoveries in the treasure world!

Keith Ranville OI. CFNR.

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