question to oak island may be answered in the star constellations of
the north atlantic stars, we are dealing with oak island defined stone
line markings that were made for reasons of logical understandings.
These alignment lines from the birch island triangle and the oak island
stone triangle were aligned for direction and an overall clue(s) of its
meaning; telling of its geometric purpose. We know these unnatural
triangle anomalies in nova scotia’s
mahone bay are somewhat intriguing to why someone (s) would align a
geometric stone triangle with other geometric clues to it on the
grounds of oak island and on land engravings on nearby birch island in
this intriguing past.

oak island stone triangle does not line up with nothing on oak island
whatsoever the oak island stone pattern in my opinion is the Achilles
heal to this treasure mystery. The oak island puzzle begins at this oak
island stone triangle if anywhere; this mysterious oak island stone
triangle clue was obviously ancient or made by ancient decent. Why does
this stone triangle just end there near the edge of oak island, for
most’ the mystery ends there for most oak island searchers.

eastern skies search for this twinkling triangle; is there such a
formation in the stars in the evening stars of nova scotia I
came to believe the answer to oak island was in constellations of the
evening stars whoever made the oak island enigma had great knowledge on
the stars .

oak island stone triangle is the telling of a greater triangle in the
east the stars gave me this indication, the masters of the stars are
the true travelers to oak island, birch island is the sacred land and
is reason to the oak island curiousness I am the messenger of a
mystical knowledge that may shed light on things’ for greater things to

First Nations # 1 oak island treasure Hunting site in the world!


Cree First Nations Treasure Hunter

Keith Ranville,




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