Oak Island True Story

the unexplained even though if you discovered something intriguing like
for instance the images on the oak island skullstone, this stone that
was found on the mid north side of oak island its a visionary stone
that views into oak islands past through this peculiar inscribed stone.
I viewed into oak islands past through dreams and intuitions my
findings of specific images on the oak island skullstone concurs and
did relate to my dreams.

this phenomenon; I would believe so it was like this nova scotia
treasure island was trying communicate with me aggressively by scribed
pictures in stone. The preliminary decipherment of this oak island
skull stone takes this oak island tale into reality, before these
illusive stone images were brought out of stone oak island had no real
past just speculative in wonders.

fact the oak island skullstone is the real evidence that oak island has
had a storyline past nothing is more convincing than something
explained in stone. My discovery of these oak island intriguing images
explains that my investigative findings were not imaginative but
extraordinary real, looking into oak islands past doesn’t get any
better than what images I translated from stone.

me finding these oak island images on oak island of pirates and a dog
explains some peoples past imaginative ghostly sightings while they
were on oak island and may have not have just been there imagination.
These oak island ghostly activities revealed to who they truly are and
by for some mysterious reason them recording themselves in stone, the
question is Why?
that I can tell you this is the real oak island story by far its
transcribed into stone for your viewing rather than some just telling
you this!The oak island skullstone images makes oak island more than a
theory but a beginning of a new story for oak island written in stone.



Cree First Nations Treasure Hunter

Keith Ranville,




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