censored my, my follow me, twitter message board on bloggers my
native research conflicts with there zany likings I can’t see how my oak
island native research can be so controversial for these giant social
media network sites. Here’s what we do know I published my latest oak
island research that involved a few numbers that in coincident
coincided with religion that the oak island stone triangle had three
sixes hidden to it in numeral theory? And then I added possible
theories to the numbers 666 that some believe it may mean evil I don’t
see any controversy unless you are a religious fanatic?

science and religion once again collide in another da vinci code like
scenario in canada a first nations native theory hits a soft spot in
the over religious minds, my theory is valid and I don’t see the
controversy of me adding a few numbers to a triangle diagram marked a
6′ feet by 4′ feet that’s in relation to this infamous oak island money
pit and logically I can’t see how it can cause so much moral
attractions I don’t see the big wig out, but to censor it like some
bizarre plot by these big social medias twitter & facebook, is
getting a little carried away.

Oak island is becoming canada’s
biggest controversy magnet, this treasure mystery is survived by
controversial incidents one after another. Since there is no money to
be made from the oak island money pit itself; the oak island exploit
scheme? is why not take the money pit to the top social networking
media sites like twitter & facebook and slap a few controversial
controversies to it? as me as there patsy.

it’s my native research its attractiveness that is oak islands biggest
attraction this new native research is the dark horse in this treasure
mystery it’s like an unstoppable vortex that’s curioing the minds of
onlookers. But breaking this oak island code, the code of all codes
this is what attracts many minds to my research because this treasure
mystery is the grand answer to all new world old world ancient secrets
that we have yet to know?

What’s Next…..for my harmless theories…



Cree First Nations Treasure Hunter

Keith Ranville,

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