As I ponder and watched insects building there abode in the hundreds I
began to theorize is this how the maya civilization done things. After
all the many south american structures were made by very many laborers
the question is if they were slaves or employees of the ancient maya
civilizations culture’s kingdoms?

When I recall hearing about mayan mathematics and how maya math may
have been bound to all things in nature in the universe, with me
knowing this I began to I believe that the maya culture’s labor morale
may have perseveranced in these same building principles as the working
force in the insect world in the animal kingdom.

Its already been proven that the ancient builders of egyptian
structures were not slaves as once thought by many scholars actually
ancient egyptian laborers were well rewarded and fed well for there
labor. Its really not known if the maya worked in this same meaning as
the ancient egyptians, but the maya had a complex agriculture system that
could of fed the ancient maya culture’s builders easily. But, could the
builders of the maya ancient civilization be so close to nature as the
animal nature around them to build like them, many native culture’s
mimic animals spiritually in ritual and in native art. My theory is
that the ancient mayan culture may have been so impressed with how
these insects in nature aggressively worked together and how they
seemingly so effortlessly worked so diligently to build mounds after
mounds-adapting to this method for the ancient maya culture would of
seemed like second nature to the ancient maya people because they lived
so close to nature spiritually and ritually, this natures work ethic
would of may have been what inspired the laborers of the maya’s ancient

The quest to understanding ourselves continues.

First Nations Researcher/Treasure Hunter

Keith Ranville



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