with the gods, myth, mysteries and legends, ancient mystical
connections seems to be what interests inquisitive minds. I myself is
inclined to investigate many unsolved mysterious mysteries of this
world, the ancient world fascinates me for I have my own opinion on
certain unsolved ancient mysteries. Ancient astronauts is a theory that
I often ponder on; it’s a ufo theory that what was made famous by mr. erich anton paul von däniken with himself believing some mayan art is explaining the maya is flying in spaceships.

This ufo and the ancient astronaut theory is quite interesting by erich von däniken
but I beg to differ on his theory that he thinks some maya art is ufo related. I
can’t prove his theory has no merit or as to my theory otherwise. But
what I can do is explain my own theory on what these mayan like ufo art
artifacts were explaining and how they became to be to only in my
opinion. I myself believe these certain ancient mayan art deemed ufo by
erich von däniken may not be given ufo evidence by
the maya ancient culture. What I believe certain ancient mayans were
futurists and saw beyond there own understandings through induced
dreams, the mayan recordings of the maya art with them in rocket ships
and wearing space outfits came out of there dreams more than likely
during maya trances while in ritual ceremonies.

The ancient mayan or the new world natives believed in prophecy and these certain mayan art turned ufo by erich von
däniken are mysterious but not alien to us but alien to the ancient mayan time,
as for the ancient mayans they were elaborate time travelers of the
mind, the mayan overseers they most likely seen into our present and
future and recorded it in art through mystical thought-fore-filled

Gift of Dream

Keith Ranville Of First Nations

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