the news opened a new can of worms to step into a new kind of reality
to get ratings? Real life situations seems to fill the gap in-between
major serious news stories. A cat stuck in the tree could hit the major
news networks on a slow day in the news, if a boy whisked away in
balloon hoax can get the attention of the major media networks; but do
we blame the schemer to this concocted publicity stunt that this hehe
heene character put together, some may believe its the medias fault for
jumping too to many conclusions and not fact checking the whole story
from beginning to end before airing it.

But overall this
publicity stunt paid off for this mr. heene fame hunter, win or lose
for him here on in he has achieved his goal also even if the this heene
lawyer loses he wins, he gets recognition to his law firm. In my
opinion in this light of this recent american drama the major news
networks has became one big amateur reality show itself, called "News
Swap" for unreal news.

News on the fly,

Keith Ranville of Vancouver

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