Movie Deal? or No Deal!

down with the money pit, how deep is to deep when it comes to this oak
island treasure search, mystery seems to be what grabs-attention to the
most inquired minds? Probably just about everyone that every came
across this oak island treasure hunt was either intrigued about the
whole search or had there own spin on the oak island mystery

So what keeps people interested in oak island once
they became elaborated on the treasure search, after all the oak island
attraction is only centered only a weekend per year? and the rest of
the treasure hunt is off season the rest of the year. But it is the
rise of the internet that makes this treasure hunt not just seasonal
anymore even I as treasure hunter has been quite constant year round
for a half a decade by me giving my thoughts and theories, friendship
on this over 200 year-old treasure mystery on regular bases as my
record is my witness.

You can be sure of yourself if you ask a
friend of your circle of friends that if you ask them about the oak
island treasure hunt that they are more than likely to be oblivious to
the oak island mystery? Why is it that, that only a handful of society
that knows about this oak island treasure mystery, tourism to this
attraction maybe behind the times would be my guess’ why there are
people from around the world that aren’t aware of this treasure hunt?

own famous native triangle theory attraction to this oak island
treasure hunt attracted a large sum of people to this treasure hunt
already? Is this phenomena or is it that people are more attracted to
something new and totally different? You can say I added color to this
treasure hunt figuratively as for a first nations native man from
vancouver b.c that spent nothing more than time on this oak island
treasure mystery altogether.

The mind is wiser than the money
itself what I am saying look at oak islands past millions of dollars
has been poured down this money pit and nothing has been recovered
treasure wise? But what about the oak island story isn’t worth
recording or putting on film professionally? Even a movie script
inspired from the oak island treasure hunt would be a big seller it’ll
be a bigger treasure hunting film to ever be put on film more than
other past treasure hunting films. This would be a hard part of the
treasure hunt to fail because it wont be a option unless its not manage

Keith Ranville Of Vancouver

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