-CBC bad review on oak island, is cbc apart of a corrupt group of
carnival clowns that have to much emotional issues to portray the
treasure hunt properly? You might say so if you saw the cbc documentary
with these oak island characters holding there tongue on popular
current oak island research, and with nothing significant new to say in
terms of bringing oak island to informal light?

I don’t think
people that are oak island researchers are impressed with this cbc oak
island documentary, and the closest they came to mentioning the birch
island triangle is that when dan blankenship revealed two align stone
triangles that he found on his oak island property? I liked Mr.
blankenships opinion on those university students money pit bright idea
on the the money pit, Dan thought it was nonsense. I have to agree with
him on that point of his, then them students pandered for $10.000 then asked for
15 million after that I fast forward that part ha ha.

It just
seemed like the people that were interviewed about oak island in the
cbc oak island documentary was just there to pick up a pay check. Well
here’s what I know in this little oak island business, you have to play
ball with them to get anywhere in this treasure hunt in order to get exposer as a treasure hunter. I don’t play there kiddo games, I don’t do
the brown nose game like the peculiar characters on the latest cbc oak
island documentary. And its a shame the canadian people are missing out
on the real news to the oak island mystery due to a few emotionally out
of touch oak island head game players? that should not be describing
oak island in any way, because of there bizarre bias behavior.

I am disappointment in cbc, a government
TV network concerning oak island, this is so un-canadian of cbc, and
its a sad day for first nations efforts, that put this oak island
mystery in a new logical perspective!

Watch cbc oak island documentary if you must; Land and sea CBC

– Keith Ranville

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