Historically the oak island mystery has been in the sakes of
controversy, but adding to the latest jargon to this enigma is birch
isle’s treasure site. Theories, and recent new research has been going
on with this mystery for over the last couple of years, and perhaps a
treasure find is maybe yet to be discovered? Birch island is revered as
somewhat hushed by some, however it is oak island’s most inquired about
attraction, its like this oak island mystery is holding back on a low
key known secret "birch island" that’s looks to maybe to big to conceal
from the world much longer.

So has this birch island become
a conspiracy too, you might think so, with all this commotion that it
attracted over recent times, since its discovery 2005. Like almost
every new kid on the block acceptance is not easy, and birch island has
gone through this same kind of odd initiation but it overwhelming with
stood the lengthily criticism gauntlet, after-all its only a island with a
large mysterious triangle carved into its landscape.  

Birch Island – Oak Island = BI0I

First Nations studies is responsible for the new discovery of this island called birch island.

 Keith Ranville


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