[CNN] Canadian Native News

Living in the treasure world has been quite the experience for this
native, but is it all what its trumped up to be adventure-wise? "No"
no-way no-how, said first hand from A first nations natives point of
view. Its back to the end of back of the bus for you if you are native
or if you are any other color than white in this oak island treasure
hunt. I came to realize there is a double discriminative standard in
the treasure hunting research world, meaning; if you are native stay
around and we will take credit for your work, or leave and we will
still take credit for your work. its a bunch of racy nonsense this
planet can do without.

Going rogue away from anti native situations is the best way to handle
yourself when encountering cult like communities that carry racial
undertones – don’t stick around garbage people like that no matter
whatever your situation is, take it from someone that’s been there as
the victim to this b.s. I see any kind of racism as a hate crime, and I
was surprised this kind of thing happens is nova scotia I would of
never went out there in the first place, with what I know now about
that canadian province. But, I agree its not everyone there in nova scotia that have
this kind of ignorant racy behavior " thank god" for that, its more or
less the hideous anonymous people that were discriminative towards my native research and
me and how it surpassed all other research to do with this caucasian oak
island treasure hunt? even cbc got onto the racial train with there
heads up there ass along with them oak island estrange characters.

Nova scotia is sure not like vancouver where its more multicultural
here in vancouver I like it here in vancouver I wouldn’t stay here if I
did not like it here! I am perhaps the most outspoken individual in the
treasure business, and is not intimated by no one(s) pulling any kind
of crap on me, that’s a time to speak out when you or someone you know
is treated unfairly.   

– Keith Ranville               


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