[CNN] Canadian Native News – Peru Nazca Lines. the lines are believed to be scroll(s) parchment markings from ancient texts? nazca lines maybe no more than mere fold lines (creases) from on a deteriorating document(s), somewhat. There has been many theories on what these nazca lines meant from ufo landing strips to star chart mapping.

Crease lines going through images on the nazca desert leads to "Me" to believe there crease from a document of sorts.

But, this idea that its ancient text marking that were old to the peru culture themselves to keep on text seems more reasonable, after-all the ancient peru people never had preservation techniques that we have today. The american declaration of independence couldn’t just be photo copied it would have to be original to have any meaning to it. And I believe the ancient nazca people ran out of options to keep this document of there’s original, but at a last option was to scribe it into the land, the creases and imperfections and all.

And the lines through the scroll(s) document(s) would have to actually lined up to the nazca images mirrored to the to be ancient document(s), thus giving its actual position of the images from on the deteriorating to be document(s). This is why there is lines throughout the preruvian desert to keep the document(s) where these images came from at its last original state possible, the lines (crease) they were put there to line up tribal animal peoples signatures or animal images that described there tribe that had a some-kind significant unification to each other.

First Nations

– Keith Ranville

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