What Oak Island Ain’t Telling You!

oak islands treasure hunt is it possible? many have attempted to
control the mahone bay n.s mystery on the internet for the last couple
of years by using attracting gimics? – exclusiveness, hype ect.. Many
articles written about the oak island mystery in recent times has
contributed to the oak island attraction as-well, but its who’s name
that writes the article that really boosts the oak island popularity.

island has been the latest articles to be written about this nova
scotia world infamous treasure hunt, Sure oak island and its money pit
is a interesting story to be written about but its story has beeen told
many times over? And its tough to get any attention on any current oak
island excavations cause everyone probably knows the out-come of the
any next dig itself?

there anything new about the money pit to report, and why don’t oak
island websites have "all" information available on oak island, like
birch isle? My guess, oak island websites are in fear of a better
mousetrap idea to come along that they can not capitalize on, because
it may interfere with there oak island treasure tale story thats has
been re-fed to people tourist alike over the many years? So what is the
conspiracy with the oak island birch island connection? Why is it so
taboo with oak island the business train, well the word "business"
speaks alot to the reason why another treasure island to this treasure
hunt would be damaging to oak island websites that money feed there
websites through there internet provider? Now if they had made the
actual birch island discovery it would be a happy dance for them it
would of been like they won the lottery or something, but sadly cause
of there constant attempts to hoard oak island on the internet they
lost out on something wonderful like making the birch island discovery
and much more to do with the oak island mystery.

all, it must be just business with these oak island websites, and them
not about the actual oak island treasure hunt if you can get past the
b.s on there ignorant intentions on them not wanting to get to the
bottom of the oak island treasure hunt but to cash in on it in some
hideous way.

However you can find the birch island discovery on
this blog; oak island treasure news where the actual real news is to
this treasure mystery, hands down. It also has other worldly
discoveries out of the realm of the oak island mystery, like recently –
machu picchu, Jerusalem temple dome of the rock – roslyn chapel and its
connection to ancient tikal’s pyramid, these are prominent interesting
theories that are in stoned and are ongoing theories that support the
europeans (knights templars?) came to the america’s much earlier than

keith Ranville


Canada Day Edition


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