Friends of oak island society
hideous queer  perversion.

mysterious world of freemasonary behind the conspiracy to commit
computer hacking, defamation against a first nations man; oak island
treasure mystery freemasons apart of a evil cult, its known freemasons were behaving badly in a famed Internet
racial motivated attack from as early to 2005 up to mid-summer 2010 – 8/16/2010,
nova scotia oak island freemasons were no doubt behind this coo to
defame this first nations oak island native researcher many of them are
still lurking in the crept shadows of the oak island mystery with them
evilly hiding in other oak island forums; friends of oak island society they
are corrupted oak island websites in my opinion.

[Oak Island mystery 911 terrorism internet hackers]
oak island freemasonary conspiracy to attack a canadian native first
nations man on the internet could be like the jack the ripper
conspiracy ("The juews are the men that will not be blamed for
nothing") oak island mystery evil deeds has the same M.O as jack the
ripper bizarre graffiti. As these defaming internet hacking posts were
not made by me but the postings tried to make me say untrue words about
the freemasons? The Oak Island Mystery men will be blamed for internet
terrorism / nova scotia oak island freemasonary evil thugs and
hooligans they are greatly suspected in the blame of committing these
internet vandalizing acts by stealing blog,forum passwords to make
defamation postings to defame a native first nations man.


– Keith Ranville

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