Petra nabateans ancient apprenticeship trade school of kingdoms, Petra structures stonemasons skilled from rock, lost civilizations talented stone masons came from somewhere? Petra’s stone workmanship was a constant project to employ stonemason work crews to pharaohs and kings of the ancient world. Maybe this is why the Petra stone masonry had no specific civilizations trade mark to it? This was so to not offend any potential future employers for the ancient nabateans .

A Archeology First Nations Native Logical Revise Newsworthy Note:

The walls of Petra was like new york time square of there time, it had what you needed like the silk road a ancient barter system to like todays stock-market.

Keith Ranville


The Nabateans (Arabic: الأنباط‎ / ALA-LC: Al-Anbāṭ; Hebrew: נְבָיוֹת | Nevayōt, also נַבָּטִים | Nabatim) were an ancient Semitic people

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  1. jacobnash127

     /  December 7, 2012

    Hey thank you for having an informative post. I am planning to go for Jordan Holidays . Are there any other ancient art places in Jordan


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