Arkansas birds falling from the sky fish dying hopi prophecy:a great disturbance in nature will happen and will be amplified all over earth. News media sources has definitely has amplified Arkansas usa mysterious birds dropping from the sky and fish dying all over the Earth in the last few days.

As many as 5,000+ blackbirds and 100,000+ fish have been found dead in Arkansas

“The Hopi also predicted that when the “heart” of the Hopi land trust is dug up, great disturbances will develop in the balance of nature, for the Hopi holy land is the microcosmic image of the entire planet; any violations of nature in the Four Corners region will be reflected and amplified all over the Earth.”

Hopi Prophecy Reference


H.A.A.R.P experiments may have cause to such as as an event like Arkansas mysterious birds falling from the sky and fish dying? Whats next humans dropping dead nobodies safe from secret government dangerous experiments.

Native Researcher

-Keith Ranville


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