America evacuates out of Egypt crisis freemasonry Denver airport mural prophecy’s U.S fleeing out of Egypt in panic.
Masonic Denver airport wall art depicts rogue middle eastern armed man wielding weapons in frightening manner and in coincidence Americans are order to leave middle eastern country (Egypt) prepaid$ by airport (Airplane) promptly.
This week Americans and Canadians and other countries were advised to leave Egypt at once by all means, this recent American evacuation does sound like a serious situation for America for them to leave Egypt at a moments notice? Is America assuming the worst case scenario possible for the middle east scene?
Native Observer
Keith Ranville
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  1. This mural depicts Libya.

    You say Egypt, it bordering neighbor.

    Reports are coming up thay will nuke Libya

    Mass destruction and murder has already occurred there through NATO (ongoing) which is the right arm of the NWO


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