BREAKING NEWS– Children, or Egypt’s (U.S) democratic fervor movement 2011-12? wael ghonim secret muslim brotherhood member & 2012 prophetic AlQaeda Inc. A.K.A Muslim Brotherhood v. 2.0 regime conection:wael ghonim says 2.0 code word on cnn a muslim brotherhood Alquaeda sleeper soldier code. Google Inc. marketing executive wael ghonim is a muslim brotherhood terrorist a plant to help mustard up protesters to over throw Egypt’s government regime. 2.0 CODE http://anarchadia.over-blog.com/article-alqaeda-inc-a-k-a-muslim-brotherhood-v-2-0-52603465.html

Muslim brotherhood, Alquaeda are attempting to repeat middle east’s past using google terrorist wael ghonim as there patsy (sleeper soldier) to (we? AlQaeda) internet plan A revolution on the egyptian government USING DRAMATIC CROCODILE TEARS crying on the spot?(fake crying) and also him mentioning terror code word 2.0 to his terror group leader “conspiracy”. Things are not adding up with googles employee he is a little sneaky manipulating b.s dictator himself on a mission from the Muslim brotherhood aka Al Qaeda.




The 5th Crusade [1215-1219] – The 5th Crusade’s goal was to capture Egypt, but the drive was unsuccessful. The pathetic failure of the Children’s Crusade in 1212 ignited the religious fervor of the fifth Crusade.


The 6th Crusade [1228-1229] – Led by the excommunicated Roman Emperor Frederick 2nd, the “Christians” on the 6th Crusade were allowed by the Sultan to repossess Jerusalem in 1229, although they had to agree not to refortify it. During this time it was becoming clear that the great age of the Crusades was over. The Christians were able to maintain Jerusalem only until 1244 when Muslim soldiers fleeing the Mongols again regained the holy City. While the Crusades were being unsuccessful, the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia under Hetum I, gained international status and was trading to major ports in the Mediterranean and to countries in the East. http://www.armenianheritage.com/hicrusad.htm



Native Code Breaker

Keith Ranville


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