Egypt who’s next? America wages a internet war on vulnerable countries; Barack obama administrations uses internet election tool to over-throw governments using cnn as acting bulldog in nwo conspiracy.

Barack obama pioneering the use of Web 2.0 and social networking technologies to elect himself, in recent uprisings and take over of mubarak government regime was inspired using internet social network strategies? with american corporations like cnn thrown into the mix and of course don’t forget google.com inc. devious role in this new political movement phenomena that has many countries feeling uneasy about America’s new world order war strategy to dominate the world one country at a time in cyber world like the board game game risk.

Is it no wonder china hacked google recently, china is years beyond google and the u.s in internet technologies I would imagine this is where the buck stops with American internet propaganda.

Things are a lot different from the 1980’s pre-internet technologies social networks it’ll be the death of us soon “starting right now”.

News Column

Keith Ranville


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