America Canada cruising into a trap by deploying warships to the middle east this is what the Saudis want, Saladin crusaders battle tactics was to draw crusaders into battle further out then letting the elements weather them thus poisoning there water supplies.

Templars knew of these strategies but had no clout to intervene then when complained they were deemed traitors cause of them refusing to engage in bad leadership in the art of war.

If you look on the mural at the freemasonry denver airport it clearly shows a dictator with all weapons drawn lashing out in desperation that america are harassing. America and canada are falling into a trap in the middle east america is extending themselves to far out this will leave them vulnerable for a final battle that they will lose cause of bad strategies in warfare.

And as for the children in tears in the masonic denver airport mural this will be what children will be dreaming for generations after all is over on earths surface you see there will be no real survivors after a global extinction for who ever survives?

These middle east people have been in war since past the biblical times we are kids compare to there crafty war techniques.

Best to leave them be or we may suffer a greater hurt.

Templar Warrior

Keith Ranville

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