Charlie Sheen cbs, warner wants mr. sheen back to two and a half men, fox tv in talks with charlie sheen?

Reporting Keith Ranville:

Jimmy kimmel late night, gate crasher charlie sheen surprised mr. kimmel with a romantic smooch and handed jimmy kimmel fox coffee mugs hey maybe two in half men is finished for cbs and charlie sheen is going to fox t.v with better terms and bigger pay?

Hey I aways thought actor charlie sheen was a nice guy he show’s up to work and did his job right what can go wrong with ones life from there? Perhaps cbs warner bros. television were to caught up in the Hollywood cnn headline news controversy drama gossip whom on regular basis criticize in how people should run there lives?

After all charlie sheen is Hollywood royalty with martin sheen as his father one can’t get any better than that? perhaps everyone can learn something out of charlie sheens clever shenanigans me including? lol,

 Cheers Charlie

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