I toad everyone so “Joking” there’s a ripples on the pond in Hollywoods controversy? Mr. funny pants gets a laugh. Blogger funny pants 500+ blog pages cooking worldwide internationally myself.

I don’t get out of bed at all unless 8 million people are willing to listen to me, tb or not to be that is the question. Eight million dollar man michael showalter of no real notarized talent fox trots in charlie sheens light of expecting his income? According to showalter’s interview he wrote mr. funny pants in 250 pages “Showalter’s book “Mr. Funny Pants,” which chronicles over 250-plus pages in full the writer’s inability to write a book and is written in like seinfeld format a book about nothing is what I gather. What was released earlier this year interestingly, fellow comedian lookalike to sarah palin Tina Fey is releasing her first book, “Bossypants,” in April”

Hey’ how about longtime hundred’s of pages blogger mr. treasure pants with his jewels hidden somewhere in the oak island money pit. Does it have a shot? lol TWO AND A HALF MEN IN TIGHTSY SITUATION? NO YOUTUBE MATERIAL AVAILABLE? michael showalter THE DOOR LOL

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