National Treasure’s oscar winning actor nicolas cage gets thrown in jail for drinking & beating his wife Alice Kim in New Orleans Louisiana this Saturday early morning. Gee I wonder what his next movie project will be’ the buzzed life and times of charlie sheen?

Moonstruck Cher, Nicolas Cage

Will actors ever snap out of it once fame kicks in’ like thespians like nicolas cage they should know that they are role models as well as entertainment figures to fans of there’s and they also should know the media paparazzi is always hounding them and are targets to any kind of scrutiny what so ever? especially with social media now available its hard to get out of any lime light of stardom.

The Real National Treasure Hunter Is Keith Ranville

Related Story

Nicolas Cage arrested after ‘drunken assault on wife in the street’

  • Actor allegedly pushed wife during altercation last night while ‘heavily intoxicated’
  • He was taken into custody this morning before posting $11,000 bail
  • Oscar-winner charged with domestic violence and public drunkenness
  • Cage and his wife were apparently fighting over where they lived
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