Jesus & and his disciples to knights templars the shroud of turin could it have also been used in the holy last supper? Leonardo Da Vinci painting in codes that there is actually a relation between the shroud of turin and to the last supper painting.

Although there is missing area’s to the shroud of turin’s two corners that may have very well been significant clues relating to the jesus last supper? After all what better cloth to use at jesus burial than cloth from the jesus christ’s memorable holy last supper?

The Da Vinci last supper picture painting suggests leonardo knew of this connection between the mysterious shroud of turin and to the last supper this is perhaps why leonardo da vinci depicted encodes into his masterpiece paintings as a clue of a only “knot” in the last suppers table clothes knot corner linen that I have point out in theory in images above.

“Happy Easter Holidays Folks”

International treasure Hunter
Keith Ranville

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