Nasa 1969 Apollo 11 lunar mission angel statue moon rock is from earths asteroid impact 200,000 years ago? Tswaing crater; approximately a kilometer wide and a 100 meters deep and happened some 200,000 years ago about the time of the age of the moon angel stone statue image is aged too?

Judging by the depth of the tswaing asteroid crater impact it must of blown debris to the freaken moon along with this lunar rock image found and kinda just recently released information by nasa? both earths crater impact and the mysterious moon angel statue were dated to be around 170,000 years old in which is years before humans were believed to be walking the earth? But I am not discounting that life nevered occurred on the moon before? this mysterious mystery still continues on the merit of the moon rocks ancient images age? Ancient Aliens We Maybe So.

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Keith Ranville

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