Terry Sabine the latest nova scotia treasure hunter global news picked out of the internet’s zany oak island forums? freemasonry is the code this time around?

At dinner time last night I turned on the tv and global national news made this big hoopla about this guy Terry Sabine but global news reporter ross lord did not have any depth or explanation to the oak island freemason code that he was pitching to his tv viewers other than deceptions, this is the oak island con game that people been playing for years on oak island forums or the tease game to allure suckers into the scheme of finding treasure by forgiving small pieces of information’s to get your tail wagging? I myself put the cards on the tables when is comes to treasure hunting if you don’t do this you should not be in the treasure hunting field, put up or shut up its my saying as a treasure hunter, or get the funk out .

Birch island is the oak island code hands down now that is the real news behind the oak island mystery..

Native Treasure Hunter
Keith Ranville


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  1. bah ha ha Terry Sabine didn’t I hear that you or krista zinck are applying for mineral rights on global news to secure amazing fortune rights? so how can you possibly have mineral rights to birch island triangle n.s then? if you don’t believe me or yourself on your mineral rights attempt retract and watch the news segment concerning your 70 foot crop circle dead freemason tale theory of yours :p I think Dan Conlin is right about your b.s

    Well you are not the first to and probably not the last to have some sort of obsession or fantasy over my treasure hunting finding? lol

  2. I have recieved inspiration from your posts.I have started visiting your website everyday to get something for new.Thank you

  1. Oak Island Treasure Artifacts STOLEN? Curse of Oak Island |

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