The juwes are the men that will be blamed for nothing for Americas debt default freemasons founders_of America George Washington 1st U.S president 13 following? James Monroe,Andrew Jackson,James Polk,James Buchanan,Andrew Johnson,James Garfield,William McKinley,Theodore Roosevelt,Howard Taft,Warren Harding,Franklin Roosevelt,Harry Truman,Gerald Ford.


America’s economy is going down in freemason ritual as president barack obama is blind to whom is bringing him down as the men doing wrong to him are the men that will be blamed for nothing done by the spiteful deeds doings of the republicans. Even if the u.s dept default ceiling is somewhat solved the damage is done e.u may merge in one unified dollar with the u.s? Templars world bankers? as they were the first bankers?

Our true enemy has yet shown its obvious face our last days don’t have to be we have a choice.

Native Researcher

Keith Ranville


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