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News- Supper solar flare blasts out of the sun, is the sun gearing up for a 2012 earth roast?

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News- Roman sword & stone story tells ossuary menorah man of importance, buried Jesus family inscription 66 ce? common era Jerusalem. Jewish Ossuary may have held Jesus christ’s remains or Jesus’s brother James? or even it maybe the bone box of king Solomon or king David? Herod’s temple had many high priests that were executed during the roman Jerusalem revolt they may have stashed relics temporary where the roman sword and other relics were discovered lately? [Candelabrum 1st year coins] What day did jesus die?

John the Baptist father was a temple priest? And john the baptist head was hacked of violently and thrown to the dogs john the baptist was jesus christ’s cousin [Roman Sword found]

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Jerusalem – Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) employees working on an ancient drainage ditch in Jerusalem have uncovered a 2,000-year-old iron sword, still in its leather scabbard, the IAA announced Monday.

Parts of the belt that carried the sword were also found, as was a stone object, adorned with an crude engraving of a Menorah, the Jewish seven-branched candelabrum.

The IAA did not say when the discoveries were made, but released its announcement to coincide with the 9th day of the Hebrew month of Av, the anniversary of the destruction of the Second Biblical Temple by the Romans.

Excavation director Eli Shukron said it appeared the sword belonged to an infantryman of the Roman garrison stationed in what is now Israel, at the start of the Jewish revolt against the Romans in 66 AD.

‘The sword’s fine state of preservation is surprising: not only its length (about 60 cm), but also the preservation of the leather scabbard (a material that generally disintegrates quickly over time) and some of its decoration,’ he said.

The engraving of the Menorah features only five branches, Shukron said researchers assumed that a passer-by who saw the Menorah standing in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and was amazed by its beauty ‘incised his impressions on a stone and afterwords tossed his scrawling to the side of the road, without imagining that his creation would be found 2,000 years later.’

The drainage ditch in which the sword and the stone were found served as a refuge for Jerusalem residents at the time the Temple was destroyed in 70 AD, at the culmination of the doomed revolt against Roman rule.

According to Jewish tradition, both the First and the Second Biblical Temples were destroyed on the same date, the ninth day of the Hebrew month of Av, in 586 BC and in 70 AD respectively.

Religious Jews commemorate the date by fasting; the fast this year begins at sundown on Monday and ends at sunset Tuesday.


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