Nostradamus lost Book related to nasa’s new galaxies image released recently of a galaxy piercing another galaxy like a sword.

According to me watching the news today the reporter said this galaxy event happened already light years ago of as predicted by michel nostadamus maybe?

– Keith Ranville



NASA Released Image Of Collisions Between Galaxies

Galaxy Collisions – NASA released the image of collisions between galaxies Thursday (8/11/2011) ago. In that image, the United States Space Agency showed initial conditions Galaxy Collisions that later formed the galaxies VV 340 or Arp 302.

Appear in the image pair of galaxies, the upper part of the galaxy VV 340 North while at the bottom is the galaxy VV 340 South. Millions of years later, the two galaxies collide and eventually come together, exactly as predicted in the Milky Way and Andromeda.

Captured Image Is Combined Data From Various Observations

The image captured is part of the Great Observatories All-Sky Survey Luminous Infrared Galaxy, which combines the Chandra X-Ray data, the Hubble Space Telescope, an infrared space telescope Spitzer and Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) observatory.

VV 340 galaxies located 450 million light-years from Earth. Due to shine brightly in infrared observations, the galaxy is called Luminous Infrared Galaxy.

Further image analysis with the Chandra X-ray showed, VV 340 North has a supermassive black hole. This is reinforced by the emission of infrared Spitzer observations  is also dominated by of VV 340 North.

Meanwhile, Hubble and GALEX showed that theUV emission and short wave coming from South 340 VV. This shows, Vv 340 South had levels higher star formation. From the analysis, astronomers concluded that the pair VV 340 evolves with different rates.

Galaxy Collisions Is Gravity Interaction Between The Galaxies

Galaxy Collisions are common in the evolution of galaxies. Collision that occurred not in the true sense, but rather on the gravitational interaction between galaxies. In the collision of galaxies, the smaller galaxy will “lose” and become part of a larger galaxy.

The survey, then generate the images is part of the efforts of astronomers to understand, why the Luminous Infrared Galaxy emits much infrared radiation. – Galaxy Collisions,  Read at

“Lost Book of Nostradamus,”

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  1. S

     /  May 24, 2018

    That image in that book, which is probably a hoax, at the bottom has two zodiac constellation references. Which is indicating the page is about mars. So one has to wonder what the golden rectangle is.. Maybe the very well know Square Pegasuses creates. The whole arm holding a sword is weird.. but maybe its a cross reference for the location of mars on a date. One constellation is the X-coordinate, the other constellation is the Y-coordinate.
    Take the page before, its about Venus because of the two zodiac constellations shown. You maybe able to stumble on other old books that use the same reference for planets. One of the constellations is like Andromeda, the other looks a bit like Orion in his bow version (most of the time the constellation shows what looks like a bow as a shield covered in lion skin.)
    The next page is the moon, the one after that is Mercury. One constellation looks like Cepheus, the other looks like the sash of Orion.. which sets up a grid system to tell the general location of Mercury. Cross reference that, its close to one end of Pieces, the other possibility is to far away from the elliptic. Stars of Pieces sort of match the ribbon thing, the part with the handle (which is directly over the area with the mallet handle in Sculptor constellation) is the star C Psc. The other end above the ‘blacksmith’ appears to be Gamma Psc. So a higher resolution of the coordinates for Mercury on the date would be where the star C Orion and the star Gamma Cepheus intersect.
    There another page with a guy standing, and two lions by him. Well the guy makes the shape of how some of how people connect the stars in Virgo. Turns out if you take the hand of virgo, Epsilon, and go straight down you hit the eye of the lion, which is also epsilon. So as you map out the stars, the standard letters given to them, it matches Virgo with Leo in this way. So then it looks like the hat of the pope is hiding something that looks like the dwarf planet make make. So you take the Star given in virgo, and cross it with the star given in Leo.. and you get a coordinate system for where Make make would be on that date.


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