NEWS 1803, by village of Harashagahama japan ufo woman arrives,1803 money pit  stone was recovered like Utsuro Bune symbols they both had strange unexplained & mysterious writings?

Canadian Man’s Translation of Utsuro Bune  hollow ship markings: [Triangles World – Below Surface – To Worlds – Second triangle.] The mysterious Utsuro Bune  lady’s craft symbols are like in emblem form from where this woman explored from it appears to be from a triangle doorway, likewise to the bermuda triangle phenomena?

Foot Note

Also this Utsuro Bune mysterious lady has a wooden box like Edward Leedskalnin levitation coral castle tripod wooden box and both were in the anti gravity business?

Native Researcher

Keith Ranville


Money pit native man’s translations

Legend of Utsuro Bune a mysteriouswoman



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  1. Greg

     /  June 17, 2013

    Keith – I thought the same thing about the box, having read about Ed Leedskalnin.
    Some sort of anti gravity device that controlled or powered her craft.

    But who was she & where did she go?


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