Treasure Hunter Roger Roxas died mysteriously while trying to retrieve his treasure stolen by Ferdinand Marcos stolen contents inluded 2000 lb. Buddha statue hence boxes of gold bars net worth $5.3 trillion .  

The treasure was from W.W II Japanese whom stole the treasure originally from the spoils of war and it was later buried in underground tunnels in the Philippines where Roger Roxas caught wind of this gold cache through a treasure map shown to him by a man from manila whom said his dad was a Japanese soldier and he sketched out for him of a map to a enormous hidden treasure?

Apparently the golden Buddha’s head came off and there was also a large fortune of diamonds in the golden Buddha also? Roger Roxas was tortured by the Philippine government for them to get the whereabouts of the treasure that he had knowledge of ? But unfortunately roger Roxas died trying to get the treasure back legally but mysteriously died?   If you have any further information on the whereabouts of this buddha gold bars treasure drop me a line I would be very interested in getting to the bottom of this ordeal?



Keith Ranville


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  1. kim guru

     /  January 26, 2012

    the cia has a way of finding the gold buddah by useing new age GPS sattlite it can see under dart for up to 50 miles things as lil as 100pd’s its 2000pds so there is a way for them to easy locate it butb there not going to use it for such things as finding the buddha.they say that this GPS hole finder is not rweal in not in use,iof u can find someone that works in the cia lab u may find that buddah phillp is small it will take up to a year or less iv been studying this for about a year now the goverment in the phillp is not going to let anyone have the budda anyway so if u find it u got to be low key if the cia can find that ass hole osama they can find the budda they say osama had got the budda sold it to the jap’s for money to hurt the us as for the gold bars he hand them down to his fam altitude device finder i call it hole gold locater its in afgan some were in the hills good luck finding the budda


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