Good night Irene, evacuation notice ordered to low lying NYC’s area’s creator giving amber warning of things to come’ natural disasters.

Big apple the grand architect of the universe is giving fair warning to earth’s destructive changes to us by sending a message to well populated metropolitan American city’s of impending disasters? The republicans may get there wish after-all in budget cuts cause these natural disastrous situations that are happening in the u.s are going to get more intense and more frequent it will be financially hard on the pocket book for the american tax payers.

There will be a earth cleanse the world is gasping from our pollutions, people don’t realize our planet is a anomaly and our lifeline it is to be respected as like its a unique spirit and apart of us? but we having not been care-taking our planet  a civilization as a whole [WHY].

Earthquakes in Washington d.c are’s now the big apple [NYC] it seems like we are like deer glaring in the car’s head lights? an not knowing that we are about to be road kill?

\Metaphorically Speaking/

The creator gave me a job and that is to relay messages


Ranville Effect

Keith Ranville

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