Surrey central B.C store scam alert: Central Cellular & entertainment 106- 10252 135th tel. 604-248-4882 purchase 7 days refund exchange deal bogus tom’s rip offs?     

Last Friday Night, I bought a Sony Vaio laptop computer from this computer store at 106, 10252 135th street surrey b.c canada but it had a defected busted part, I later then taken the laptop and the broken power cord input plug in situation to the future shop [surrey central b.c] they then gave me a verbal estimation of 300 dollars to fix it, parts and labor and diagnistics. I then went back to where I got the computer and said its going to cost me 300 bucks to fix the computer and said to them can you fix it or give my money back they refused and then they said [tom?] there computer cords are like that [loose/flimsy an not charging] and then they showed me a laptop computer that had the same problem? I replied then I would suggest that you fix that laptop computer to before you pawn it off to anyone else too?

My reciept clarified to the total cost of my computer and it stated NO REFUNDS, EXCHANGE ONLY WITHIN 7 DAYS. Thank you for shopping at tom’s  and its now monday well with in the refundable 7 day window to the computer reciept and it was saturday that I made the initial inquiry? as shown in photo [above].

Researching ain’t easy, this incident is unfortunate its all about the princible and who knows this post warning might save the trouble of someone else getting ripped off?

Keith Ranville



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