Oak island treasure hunters on a elaborate fishing trip? Rick lagina plans to locate oak islands treasure by using a electric mystery box? what to find worms . Rick  claim this bizarre nikola tesla like pulse idea that he has, has the potential to go a football fields length deep beneath oak island? technology is the way to getting to the bottom of the oak island money pit [no pun intended] but its not cheap to use some expensive technology tools, I myself have a few ideas that may give a better idea of whats going on with this oak island and birch island triangle enigma.

Oak Island Nova Scotia, Canada Birch Island Triangle – News

I find it cool that someone else besides me is thinking outside the box to investigate this oak island mystery? what rick lagina  should do is drill small pilot probe holes down under oak island and then release a dye mixed with fine metal shavings then give it sometime then track it by using his experimental pulsating device?


archaeology news : hunter uses electric pulse to find treasure  news treasure

I offer my treasure hunting research so other can build of it too.. Sincerely


Keith Ranville



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