BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA – B.C offers free nicotine patches and gum to anyone that has msp, free alternative diabetes therapy’s would benefit tax payers better to; like I said in a previous blog post of something to the fact Canada’s healthcare will get run into to the ground unless we take preventable measures to diseases like lung cancer, diabetes and to other dietary caused illnesses pay now or pay more later this is real simple logic to understand to what I am saying.

Hey friends or my blog readers you can get free stop smoking paraphernalia with your MSP # in b.c for 12 weeks out of every year. If you smoke cigarettes than I’m imploring you to give it a try to stop smoking I smoked before from age 14  or-15 to my mid 20’s and I know how hard it is to stop smoking I quit hundreds of time before I actually quit smoking cigarettes for good, at least I know how hard it is to quit this nasty habit its tough to do in I know this first hand .. I am posting this good information on my blog cause I care. Sincerely Keith Ranville 🙂

All Canadian  provinces plan to pay for for quit smoking therapy’s very soon b.c’s the first province now next will be Saskatchewan News Details


Treasure makes people do crazy things I would think so after witnessing oak islands greatest treasure hunt internet ranting in the name of obsessive foolishness . 

The treasure curse;  some would call anything bad that comes out of treasure hunting a cures I would call it simple greed and jealousy nothing more.

[Curse of the diamond part 1of 3, filmed in Vancouver B.C, canada]

I was watching the history channel this morning and they interviewed this treasure hunter and he had said that he had experienced people pulling weapons on him cause of the treasure that he had found from an old Caribbean sunken ship? And he attributed unsavory treasure fever crooks to the treasures curse? I don’t its all out greed plain and simple.

Charismatic Treasure Hunter

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Crowd goes bananas over black guy wayne simmonds playing NHL hockey, I know how he feels as a aboriginal native man [treasure hunter].  

You have to be above this kind racial ignorant behavior, as I am.

A Proud Native Canadian Treasure Hunter

Keith Ranville




HIV testing mandatory in B.C hospitals? is the CDC monitoring a new transmission of the AIDS virus; Bedbugs Influenza transmitted a-possibility? News Blog

Contagion that came out in theaters recently, it makes you think whats really going on in the background of the cdc, or what role does the pharmaceutical industry really plays in a influenza pandemics crisis do they offer the carrot and the stick? [the cause and and cure for profit]

In times of a deadly flu pandemic I would myself would dose up on baking soda and alkaline my body asap this would give you a fighting chance to survive any deadly virus, viruses bacteria can’t live in a alkaline environment.  Well its better than doing nothing at all?

– Keith Ranville Theory, Michel Nostradamus used a brass dish to help Alkalized his body to combat the Bubonic Plague.




Bubonic plague, michel nostradamus prescribed clean linen, fresh air, lowfat diet, rosehips to combat this black death a “brass dish” combined may have prevented the bubonic plague?

I am spreading a message something michel nostadamus would do if he was alive today, he would offer the carrot.

Native Researcher

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Facebook continues to follow you long after you log off facebook there cookies maliciously invades your internet browser to follow you to other website after another. [Blog News]

Facebook spying on you using you computer browser after you log off this is a sneaky type of abuse by anyone’s standards, new two face’dbook is what it should be called.

Full facebook story 


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 3G What it means and what we could expect from one in the future 


Power systems: voltage corrections may be required, false alarms triggered on some protection devices.

Spacecraft operations: surface charging may occur on satellite components, drag may increase on low-Earth-orbit satellites, and corrections may be needed for orientation problems.

Other systems: intermittent satellite navigation and low-frequency radio navigation problems may occur, HF radio may be intermittent, and aurora has been seen as low as Illinois and Oregon (typically 50° geomagnetic lat.)**.


Satire, american politics has a gilligan’s island approach to dealing with the u.s economy by stimulating it with more borrowed money? Blog News

Getting out of the u.s debt economy crisis using one stimulus package after another is compared to getting off gilligan’s island, the u.s economy will bounce back but back better into further debt if this borrowing keeps on happening. If anyone went to the bank and applied for a loan and did not have any money in ther account they’d probably get denied unless they haven’t finished maxing out the credit cards yet? [barack obama joe biden dead beat economy solution]


– Keith Ranville


Starbucks employee rants a song off the clock & it get’s him fired over it? Chris Cristwell 25 of barista vents a youtube’s song online starbucks get’s personally offended over it, this goes to show personal opinions, perspectives will affect you current or future career or job opportunities. Facebook, twitter youtube and other social networks have there good point but they also have there drawbacks; like if you were going to do jury duty or if you are in some sort of legal situation and also pursuing a job interview and list goes on the internet will your affect future prospects on many levels, this may sound scary to some people. NEWS BLOG

Hopefully the internet can help re-employ youtube enthusiast Chris Cristwell with a new job so that he can sing a happier song.

I am a tim Hortons man myself.

Keith Ranville





Bubonic plague, michel nostradamus prescribed clean linen, fresh air, lowfat diet, roships to combat this black death a “brass dish” combined may have prevented the bubonic plague? [News]

For many late evening hours  Michel nostradamus would study in a mystic manner during this time aside to michel would be this brass bowl filled with water and herbs [Rosehips?] This holy grail like brass bowl may have helped saved his life from the bubonic plague. Indians would use brass containers to purify water from harmful bacterias, it was more or less a antibacterial agent?

Michel nostradamus may have not known of the full concoction additive to his herbal remedy to fend off the black plague cause his wife and two kids died from the bubonic plague that’s only if he did indeed send herbs back home to his wife & family  to cure them while he was on his healing crusade of the black death? [I know that I would] Michel nostradamus’s personal steeping drinking brass dish was the catalyst to his herbal remedies, he may have prepared the same herbal concoctions for his family and friends but excluding the using of his sacred brass dish.

– Keith Ranville Effect





Amateur astronomer locates satellite NASA blinded to where there own lost satellite is? Houston we have a problem.  [News Blog]

Nasa now reports the satellite could fall to earth Saturday? N.A.S.A acronym; Not a Straight Answer?

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