9/11 memorial plans wtc, towers water pools? its ironic osama bin laden was buried in water? 10 year ground 0 anniversary & conspiracies are endless to this American tragedy to why, and who really done it, its mysterious as hell.  

This week is the 9/11 memorial, a decade has past since america was attacked by terrorists in [2001] wtc airplane attacks it still has many people from around the world that who are still thinking “what really went down” or and who was really involved in this well orchestrated terror act on American citizens? We may never know the full scoop on 9/11 attacks its like americas mysterious symbolism’s we are in the dark about them too and now we are left in mystery with 9/11 this is the way the american government ‘rolls” I guess.

however the man that who claimed to be behind 9/11 was captured this year and he died during the apprehension of him [osama bin laden] whom later was buried in water in a undisclosed area? “You can say he sleeps with the fishes?”

and maybe people can think about that when visiting the new world trade center site cause the 9/11 victims never died in water but in a fiery tower an only osama bin laden has a water relation to water in death? perhaps america knows something that we or some has suspected in conspiracies all along about 9/11? [osama bin laden u.s terror memory now flows like water in the center of this 9/11 nyc wtc memorial museum now literally, as you can forever see the memorial victims names of 9/11 that surrounds two square waterfall pools of water where the two fallen world trade centers once stood in New York City, the big apple.]

The at-sea burial of Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden



I remember 9/11 2001, I saw the second building get hit by a airplane live while watching the first wtc building in smoke on cnn, I thought it was a movie at first, it looked so surreal


Keith Ranville


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  1. Now,I don”t even dream about doing such a deal,but I keep hearing about such types of trade where one sells his/her soul to the devil,and he is giving that person money,power,celebrity,and generally a lot of good things from life.Even in the Bible there is a scene where the devil tells Jesus he would give him the entire world to rule,if He only kneels before him.So,is/was such thing real or just stuff only good for movies?Thanks for answering!:)


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