News- pharmaceutical company’s trillion dollar toxic cancer cures can’t remedy like baking soda does terminal ill man pH balances his body to health, arm & hammer baking soda molasses found in the kitchen cupboard does this poor man’s cancer cure really out classes the rich man’s overly priced and heavily side effected lucrative drug companies drugs’  according to vernon johnston it does.

Vernon Johnston bi-passes the pharmaceutical drug company monopoly to cure his terminal prostate cancer himself, vernon then tried baking soda from the advice of his brother? Vernon later concocted a elixir of arm and hammer baking soda and molasses with a cup of water. [remedy ingredient in youtube video above]

After a few weeks of sunshine and vitamins and tlc of Vernon Johnston he was cured of his cancer [Full Story]


I myself use a remedy supplement to balance my pH levels for the treatment of diabetes complications; Recovery and a pH Supplement so far so good..    “There is something to this pH balance acknowledgement”



Keith Ranville















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