New York City Cops, FDNY WTC first emergency responders heroes uninvited 10 years later to 9/11 museum anniversary memorial ceremony?   [News Canada]

Perhaps maybe NYC’s emergency first responders may want to think twice before putting themselves on the line next time during a catastrophic event; 9/11 dust caused cancer for many new yorkers and there is no real compensation for that wtc cancerous dust inhalation that many people have claimed to have ingested into to there bodies. Maybe some sort of gratitude for the nyc first responders would be appropriate for nyc’s first responders heroic efforts on September 11, 20o1 would be in order, cause I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that they were not invited to the 10th year 9/11 anniversary of Americas largest terror attack?  This is another ground zero for 9/11 cause nothing is lower than government bureaucrats childish inconsiderate behaviors to stomach “unreal”.  [Denis Leary in youtube above Video]

The NYC first responders should just show up to the 10th annual 9/11 museum memorial cause there wasn’t a problem with them showing up to the  world trade center site a decade ago?

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Keith Ranville


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